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The Experience

Immerse yourself in authentic stories of places you travel to. Experience the culture & heritage of an attraction narrated by a local, expert guide.

Tourist or Traveller?

Doesn't matter. With over 1200+ attractions, there's something for everyone - from familiar landmarks to attractions off the beaten path

Here's what people have to say about AudioCompass

Absolutely brilliant & clear and interesting narrative. Such a huge improvement on tours by disinterested guides who quote their own interpretation of history.

Phil - Australia

A great travel companion I happened to stumble upon this app and downloaded the Footsteps of the Raj tour. Simply loved the experience. I rediscovered the city I live in.Thanks :)

Shreshtha - India

It was my third visit [to the Taj] and the most enjoyable one yet, because ofAudioCompass. Loved that little tinkling laugh in theMeenaBazaar section. It made me feel like I was there when Shah Jahan met Mumtaz Mahal.

Akanksha - India

About Us

AudioCompass was started by a group of passionate travellers. We used guidebooks, human guides, and wikipedia pages; we experienced 500 years of history condensed into 5 lines. We whizzed past sights and spent time in tourist shops, because our guide needed to get to his next assignment.We read history off our screens when we should have been looking around. We felt powerless. And promised to change this. That's how AudioCompass was born. We made it for us, and now, we want to share it with you.

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